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Complete Udacity's Nanodegree certification program online before joining Infosys training and get accelerated to a faster deployment in the technology of your choice. Program fees will be reimbursed completely.

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What is a Nanodegree?

A Nanodegree is an innovative curriculum path that is project-based and focuses on real-world experience around the most in-demand skills in industry. Every nanodegree has a clear end-goal and an ideal path for getting there: to ensure that you acquire all the skills you need to excel at a real job. Courses are built with industry leaders like Google, AT&T, and Facebook, and are taught by leading subject matter experts. Your nanodegree experience is designed to be personalized for you, through individual mentoring from course managers and detailed feedback on your code submissions from experts. Moreover, you will be part of an active student community from around the world, always ready to help!

Upon graduation, you will earn an industry-recognized credential and benefit from faster deployment at Infosys in the track of your own choice.


  • Accelerated Infosys project deployment on technology based on your Nanodegree program
  • Best-in-class courses taught by leading experts
  • Personalized feedback on projects and coach-supported forums
  • 1:1 appointments with Udacity staff and mentors
  • Verified Nanodegree Credential
  • Discounted price at ₹35,000 ₹49000 for 5 months subscription and full refund on completion of on-site training at Infosys


  • You should be a part of the batch of new hires joining Infosys. We reserve the rights to cancel your admission in case you are not a part of the Infosys batch
  • Please use the same email address while signing up that you provided to Infosys during your hiring process.
  • Please read this walkthrough before signing up.

Nanodegree Details

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

  • Timeline Total time between today and graduation day depends on your weekly commitment.

    5 months

  • Program Fee

    ₹35,000 ₹49000

    No questions asked 7 days refund

  • Skill Level intermediate: Entering students should know basic programming concepts (variables, conditions, loops), and be able to solve and describe programming problems.

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Co-Created By:

  • AT&T
  • Google
  • Hack Reactor
  • Github

Create Stunning User Experiences

Create Stunning User Experiences. Take this Nanodegree do develop the skills that are the most-in-demand among the IT companies in India.
The Nanodegree is not only for students who come from non technology background, but also for techies who want to get into the magical field of front-end web development.

+ What will you learn?
  • Responsive Web Design Fundamentals
  • Intro to HTML and CSS
  • Responsive Images
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Intro to jQuery
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Browser Rendering Optimization
  • Website Performance Optimization
  • Intro to AJAX
  • JavaScript Design Patterns
  • JavaScript Testing
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+ Prerequisites
  • Basic programming concepts on variables, conditions and loops.
  • A professional code/text editor (ie. Sublime Text or Atom).
  • Ability to independently solve and describe your solution to a math or programming problem.
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Your Subscription

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

₹35,000 ₹49000for a subscription of 5 months

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  • What all courses are available?

    • Front-end web developer
  • Who all are eligible to apply?

    This Program is offered exclusively for students with valid Infosys offer letters.

  • Will this help my training at Mysore?

    Your training duration will reduce by 8 to 10 weeks. On successful completion of training, you join projects 8 to 10 weeks earlier than your peers.

  • Will I get to work in the same technology once I join Infosys?

    You get an opportunity to work in the same niche technology that you are certified on, once you join projects

  • What is the Nanodegree fee?

    The course fee is Rs.49,000. You get to complete the Nanodegree at a discounted price of Rs.35,000.

  • Will Infosys sponsor my course?

    On successful completion of the Nanodegree before joining Infosys and the Infosys training program (Generic and a test on the Nanodegree related subjects) post joining, Infosys reimburses the course fee of Rs.35000. Please retain the payment invoice and the bank statement (softcopy / print out) till the reimbursement is completed.

  • How to get certified?

    • Register here https://in.udacity.com/infosys/
    • Please check a short walkthrough document for the sign-up process here.
    • Enroll using your personal email ID with which you took up Infosys test process.
    • Enroll in the Nanodegree by 15 July 2017.
    • Make the Payment online and start learning
  • What is the duration of the course?

    The program usually takes 3.5 months. As per Nanodegree guidelines it has to be completed within maximum 5 months of enrollment. However reimbursement from Infosys is valid only if you have completed the Nanodegree program before joining Infosys.

  • How do I complete the certification? Is there a test? What is the marks required to complete the course successfully?

    Refer: https://in.udacity.com/infosys/

  • What happens if I am not able to complete the course?

    If you are unable to complete this certification successfully, it does not have any impact on your Infosys offer and the course fee will not be reimbursed.

  • Is this a screening process? Will this impact my Infosys Offer?

    This is NOT a screening process. If you are unable to complete this certification successfully, it does not have any impact on your Infosys offer. You will undergo the regular foundation program training upon joining Infosys.

  • What happens if I do not sign-up for the Nanodegree program? / Is enrolling for the Nanodegree program mandatory?

    It is NOT mandatory to do the Nanodegree program.

  • Is there a contact address if there are any other questions?

    You can write to udacity@infosys.com

Any questions, please contact udacity@infosys.com for more information.

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