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Why Hire Udacity Talent?

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    Skilled by Industry

    Curriculum developed by experts like Google and Facebook to match the skills they're looking to hire.

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    Real Projects, Real Skills

    Vetted skills through real-world projects that have been evaluated by real-life project reviewers.

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    Job-Ready Candidates

    100% job ready candidates with verified skills which can be accessed at no additional cost.

Become an Employer of Choice

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    • Opportunity to evaluate skills.
    • Check ability to work on critical live projects.
    • Low risk of hiring-error.
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    • Exclusive access to candidates before they hit the market.
    • Pre-screened candidates of choice.
    • Ready to deliver from Day 1.
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    • Spread awareness on the quality of work being done at your organization.
    • Interact with your prospective hires.
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Hiring Success Stories

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AT&T employee gets a promotion after his Udacity program

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Mercedes employee transitions from IT to data science after Udacity program