Earn a Developer Scholarship from Google!

Open to India residents eager to master web and mobile development skills

Google's Reskilling India Program


Learn valuable skills to launch or advance your career as a mobile or web developer


Master world-class curriculum developed with experts from Google and Udacity


Join the rapidly growing community of mobile and web developers in cities and towns across India

How it Works

To apply for a scholarship, you need to be at least 18 years old and live in India. You'll begin by choosing your learning path, either Web Developer or Android Developer. From there, once you're accepted, we'll place you in one of two tracks, depending on your existing skills and experience, either Beginner or Intermediate. After that, the learning begins! Finally, top students from each track will earn full scholarships to one of our Android or Web Development Nanodegree programs.

Two Learning Paths

Web Developer

Web Developer

Android Developer

Android Developer

Web Developer seats available!

If accepted, you'll be placed into one of two tracks based on your experience level.

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10000 seats

Beginner Track

  • No programming experience required.

  • 3-month access to Intro to HTML + CSS with support from Udacity mentors.

  • Design and build stunning and engaging websites!

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5000 seats

Intermediate Track

  • Some programming experience required.

  • 3-month access to Offline Web Applications with support from Udacity mentors.

  • Build next-generation and responsive web applications and grow as a developer.

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How to Apply

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    Applications Due

    February 1, 2018

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    Recipients notified

    February 8, 2018

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    Recipients begin program

    February 14, 2018

The application is straightforward, and should take 10-15 minutes. There is a single application for all, whether you're interested in Mobile or Web, and whether you're a beginner or already have experience.

Answer what you can, to the best of your ability, and we'll do the rest! Remember this application is open to residents of India who are at least 18 years old.

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    Google's Reskilling India Program
  • Who is eligible for these scholarships?

    To receive one of these scholarships, you must be a current resident of India and be at least 18 years of age when you submit your application.

  • Where does the program take place?

    The program takes place 100% online. You can work from wherever you want to, as long as you have a working internet connection.

  • How does this scholarship program work?

    The scholarship program is structured in two parts:

    Phase 1: 1,000 Challenge Scholarships

    The first phase of this scholarship provides 3-months of access to one of four Udacity courses: Intro to HTML + CSS, Offline Web Applications, Android Basics or Developing Android Apps. Scholarship recipients participating in this initial phase of the program will receive support from expert Udacity mentors and community managers while joining a robust student community.

    Phase 2: 1,000 Full Nanodegree Scholarships

    The top 1,000 students from the first phase of the scholarship program earn an additional 6-month scholarship to one of four Nanodegree Programs: Front-End Web Developer, Mobile Web Specialist, Android Basics Nanodegree or Android Developer. Access to these Nanodegree programs includes expert project reviews, mentorship and community support.

  • When will results be announced? When does class start?

    Applications close on January 10, 2018.

    Scholarship recipients will be announced in February 2018.

    Class will start in February 2018.

  • How is Phase 1 of this scholarship different from Udacity's single course offerings?

    Udacity's single courses consist of lessons, videos, and quizzes. But they do not provide expert staff support available to answer technical questions, review student projects, and provide guidance and help. Scholarship students in Phase 1 of this program will receive technical guidance from expert mentors and will participate in an actively managed scholarship student community where they can engage with and receive support from their fellow classmates.

  • How will the full Nanodegree scholarships be earned?

    After the initial 3-month Phase 1 of the program ends, follow-up scholarships will be provided for the Front-End Web Developer, Mobile Web Specialist, Android Basics, and Android Developer Nanodegree programs. Students will be evaluated based on successful completion of lessons and quizzes in Phase 1 in addition to their active participation and support of classmates in the student community.

  • How many hours a week should I expect to spend on my coursework in order to succeed in this program?

    Between instructional content, quizzes, and other course-related activity, we estimate that investing 10 hours/week will enable you to proceed through the program at a successful pace, finishing before your 3-month scholarship ends in Phase 1. If you are awarded a follow-up Nanodegree scholarship after the initial 3-months Phase 1, you will have an additional 6-months to complete the Nanodegree program.

  • Are there specific class hours when I need to be online or can I go through the lessons and study whenever I want?

    After class starts in February 2018, you can study on your own schedule so long as you complete the course within 3 months. That is to say, you’ll have complete access to the course directly in your classroom 24 hours a day. We understand that students have different schedules and will work on their course at different times and on different days. What’s important is that students make constant progress each and every week and get through all the content before the end of the 3-month long Phase 1.

  • Will I definitely get a job as an Developer if I get one of these scholarships?

    These scholarships do not guarantee you a job. But Udacity students often do get jobs after graduating from programs like these. Check out some student stories.

  • Do these courses make me a Google-certified developer?

    While the Nanodegree programs offered as part of this scholarship will prepare you for current Google Developer certifications, you will have to take a separate certification exam to be certified by Google.

    Note that Google Developer exam fees are not included as part of the scholarship program. You can learn more about Google Developer certification here.

  • What if I missed the deadline to apply?

    In order to be fair to all scholarship applicants and recipients we do not extend deadlines.

  • What are the Terms and Conditions?

    You can find more details on the Terms and Conditions here.

  • What if I have additional questions?

    If you have additional questions that were not answered here, please send an email to scholarships-support@udacity.com.