Courses and Nanodegree Programs

Self-Driving Car Engineer
In this program, you’ll learn the skills and techniques used by self-driving car teams at the most advanced technology companies in the world.

In collaboration with:  Mercedes Nvidia Uber ATG Didi BMW McLaren NextEv

Intro to Self-Driving Car
Build a foundation of technical abilities and take the first steps to becoming a self-driving car engineer!

In collaboration with:  Lyft Polysync Roborace Voyage

Become A Robotics Software Engineer
Master skills with hands-on projects in simulated environments and on real hardware. Change our world for the better using robotics to extend our capabilities in new ways.

In collaboration with:  Nvidia Electric Movement

IoT Software Foundation
Build the future of smart living. Learn how to independently design, code, and build IOT products.
Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight
Master job-ready autonomous flight software engineering skills as you tackle advanced challenges, write real code for real aircraft, and develop a systems understanding of the Flying Car full-stack.
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Identify free space on the road so that your vehicle can plan the optimal path.

In collaboration with:  Nvidia

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Path planning for self-driving cars involves three phases: environmental prediction, behavioral planning, and trajectory generation.

In collaboration with:  Mercedes

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Actuate the vehicle using control algorithms of varying levels of complexity.

In collaboration with:  Uber ATG

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Ensuring acceptable risk levels in accordance with ISO 26262 requires analysis of entire systems.

In collaboration with:  Elektrobit

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Pull together everything you've learned to operate a real self-driving car.
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Fuse lidar and radar sensor data to track objects over time.

In collaboration with:  Mercedes

Self-Driving Car Engineer - Computer Vision
Construct computer vision pipelines for lane detection and vehicle tracking.
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Build and train deep neural networks to classify traffic signs and to drive a car in a simulator.

In collaboration with:  Nvidia Uber ATG

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