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Udacity's Machine Learning Foundation Nanodegree is your first step towards careers in Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and more! This Nanodegree helps you learn Python and Statistics. It consists of 4 projects and is perfect for beginners in the field of data.

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Pre-requisites : In order to succeed, we recommend having experience using the web, being able to perform a search on Google, and (most importantly) the determination to keep pushing forward!
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In case you feel unsure about the program, we offer a full refund on cancelling within 7 days of classroom opening.
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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to programming

    Concepts of Python programming. Configuration of development environment. Standard library functions. Variables and strings. Functions, control flows and loops. Structured data: list and for loops; how to fix the problem

  • Descriptive Statistics

    Research methods and visualization of data. Concentration trends. Variability and standardization. Normal distribution and sampling distribution.

  • Inferential Statistics

    Data analysis process: Learn how to use data to answer questions. NumPy and Pandas operations for one-dimensional data. NumPy and Pandas operations for two-dimensional data. Data modelling: Understand the basic types of data and learn how to handle data sets

  • Evaluation and verification

    Learn how to use the accuracy rate or recall rate and other indicators to test and measure to improve performance.


Industry relevant projects + unlimited project reviews by our global reviewers

Project 1
  • Explore Bikeshare Data
Project 2
  • Analyze a Perceptual Phenomenon
Project 3
  • Explore the dataset
Project 4
  • Forecast Prices


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Harshil P.

This is my first nano-degree and it was great experience

Mayur B.

The nanodegree is very well structured. Perfect for someone who has little experience with python. He can surely get hands on with pandas and numpy after taking this nanodegree. Superb!!

Paras J.

I would like to take a moment and thanks Udacity for giving out this foundation program on Machine Learning. All the foundational concepts taught over here will help me to continue my machine learning journey. This was my first nanodegree and trust me it is way better than the free courses. Thanks! :)

Avish S.

Truly world class and real-world projects yet covers all the essential basic constituents from a academic perspective.

Indrajit S.

Wonderful. Covered most of the topic.

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  • Industry recognized Nanodegree Certification

    Nanodegree certification recognized and valued by top companies in India

  • Career fair & career services

    Access to a hiring partner network of over 100 companies & Udacity Propel - our flagship career fair

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  • Rs. 5,000 Udacity credits to continue learning

    A small incentive for you to come back and continue your learning with another Nanodegree program


Land your dream Machine Learning career

Amazing Job Prospects

India will face a demand-supply gap of 2 lakh ML & Data Analytics professionals by 2020 by Mckinsey. The demand for trained ML professionals has never been higher!

Turbocharge your salary

Highest salary of Rs. 40 lakhs offered to a Udacity Machine Learning Engineering graduate

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    About the course
  • Why do I enroll into Machine Learning Foundations Nanodegree?
    Udacity's Machine Learning Foundation Nanodegree is your step towards building your foundation skills in Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI field. This Nanodegree helps you learn Python and Statistics. It consists of 4 projects and is perfect for beginners in the field of data.
  • What are the prerequisites required for this Nanodegree?
    In order to succeed, we recommend having experience using the web, being able to perform a search on Google, and (most importantly) the determination to keep pushing forward!
  • How long do I have to complete this Nanodegree?
    The Nanodegree is designed for a period of 3 months. You are required to complete the Nanodegree within the stipulated period.
  • Do you offer the opportunity for students to pause their studies for this program?
    No. The fixed-term nature of the Machine Learning Foundations Nanodegree, and the need for maintaining a consistent and stable student body throughout doesn't allow for offering the option to pause your studies.
  • Is this program self-paced?
    No. The start and end dates of this Nanodegree is fixed, and you must complete all assigned projects by the end dates. However, projects may be submitted at any time during the Nanodegree, and individual project deadlines are recommendations, not requirements. So within the Nanodegree, there is some opportunity to work at your own pace. You should plan to follow our recommended timeline, as this will best enable you to keep pace with your peers, and complete the program on time.
  • What are my options if I don't complete this Nanodegree by the deadline?
    In order to graduate, students just need to successfully pass all projects by their final term end date. If students do not pass all projects by the last day of the term, the following happens: students will lose access to the program and content. They will also not be eligible for career services, events with hiring partners, or other career related activities. However, If you are unable to complete the program within the required time, you are welcome to re-enroll. Upon re-enrollment, students will be responsible for paying for the necessary costs.
    Career Services
  • What career services we provide?
    This program does not focus on job preparation. While many of the skills you learn are foundational skills for a career in advanced technologies, the goal of the program is for you to master the core skills necessary so you can progress to the advanced curriculum.
  • Do I have access to Propel?
    Propel is the flagship Career Fair of Udacity in India. Only Advanced Job ready Nanodegree graduates have access to Propel. Through this initiative we connect our Nanodegree graduates to new-age technology companies and help them achieve their career goals.This is a foundation Nanodegree Program and the goal of the program is to build foundation skills in new-age technologies.
    Hence, Foundation Nanodegree Program Students do not have access to Propel.
    Student Support
  • What is the kind of student support I will get during this program?
    Students were having queries regarding course material or the projects can be solved by various support services provided by Udacity such as:
    Project Reviews: The Project reviews provide deep analysis of a student's code and project. Reviewers are trained professionals that provide feedback on coding styles, industry guidelines, optimization of the code and reference links for improving the project.
    Mentorship: Mentors are appointed to students that have one on one chats with them. They keep track of the progress in the course, Help them in time management and keep them motivated throughout the course.
  • How can I get in touch with Udacity for any support?
    Please write to for faster response
    Payments & Refunds
  • Do we get 50% refund for this Nanodegree?
    No, We do not offer 50% refund on completing of this Nanodegree.
  • Does this Nanodegree follow seven days No Questions Asked refund policy?
    Yes, this Nanodegree follows seven days no questions asked refund policy.
  • If the refund is provided for this Nanodegree, How much time does the refund process take?
    The refund process takes up to 2-3 weeks of time. The amount will be refunded back to the original mode of payment. Udacity will not be able to process your refund in a different bank account.
  • How do I get my invoice?
    Please write to anytime after 7 days from the classroom start date. Your invoice request will be processed within 15 days.
  • What if I do not receive my refund in 15-20 days?
    If you do not receive your refund within 15-20 days, please reach out to
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Mon - Fri, 10 am - 10 pmBy calling this number, you consent to receive calls from, or on behalf of, Udacity per our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.