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The goal of this course is to take existing IT professionals, whether they come from software development or operations, and help them appreciate the challenges facing companies who are looking to embrace scalable software deployment as well as the architectures and thought processes they can use to address these challenges.

Students will start with a presentation of the problem as it stands today, then dive into the DevOps workflow and a survey of the system architectures currently being used to address this problem.

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Approx. 3 weeks
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Course Leads

Karl Krueger
Karl Krueger


Dwayne Lessner
Dwayne Lessner


Gundega Dekena
Gundega Dekena


Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Ability to install software
  • Ability to use git
  • Some experience with programming (even just scripting in shell)
  • Some experience as SysAdmin; some experience with Linux is beneficial

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why Take This Course

Based on Puppetlab's "State of DevOps" report for 2013 and 2014,
high-performing organizations are deploying code 30 times more frequently, with
50 percent fewer failures than their lower-performing counterparts.

The report states:

We can now assert with confidence that high IT performance correlates with strong business performance, helping to boost productivity, profitability and market.

Adopting DevOps is the way most companies improve the performance of their IT organisations, and this course will help you take the first steps towards that goal.

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