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Android Developer

Become a professional Android Developer

Developer - I - Build cloud connected apps, make your apps responsive and integrate rich-media to the apps
Developer - II- Learn advanced Android development concepts, using material design elements, and build Capstone Project


7 days refund, no questions asked

  • Time
    6 months

    Two Terms of Three Months each.

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  • Classroom Opens
    1 May 2018
In Collaboration with
  • Google

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

With 2 billion monthly active devices, knowing how to build an android app has become an indispensable skill! Our term 1 has been designed to help aspiring Android Developers with intermediate level in Java programming experience. You will have a portfolio of projects and your own apps published on Google Play Store. In term 2, apart from learning the advanced concepts of android development, you will be all set for a career as an Android developer with a diverse portfolio of projects (One Capstone Project).

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

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Effective & Engaging Content
Effective & Engaging Content

Effective & Engaging Content

Get started with programming through interactive content like quizzes, videos, and hands-on projects. Our learn-by-doing approach is the most effective way to learn to code.

Beneficial and Supportive Project Review

Beneficial and Supportive Project Review

Advance quickly and successfully through the curriculum with the support of expert reviewers whose detailed feedback will ensure you master all the right skills.

An Outstanding Community
An Outstanding Community

An Outstanding Community

Stay on track with mentors who will help in case of any doubts or when you are stuck on projects.

Get Google Certified (Optional)

Get Google Certified (Optional)

Our Android Developer - I Nanodegree will prepare you with everything you need for Associate Android Developer Certification Exam. Android Developer - II Nanodegree will fully prepare you for a career in Android development. You will have access to Udacity career services (access to hiring partners, resume review, interview preparations, and much more).

Learn with the best

Jocelyn Becker
Jocelyn Becker

Technical Program Manager

Jocelyn Becker wrote the developer documentation for the very first external Google API, the Adwords API, back in 2004, and she's been documenting Google APIs and training developers to use them ever since.

Chris Lei
Chris Lei


Curriculum Lead for the Android and Android Basics Nanodegree programs at Udacity, Chris is inspired and humbled by all who embrace computing as a medium to realize their dreams. He holds an M.S in Embedded Systems and a B.S in Computer Engineering.

Dan Galpin
Dan Galpin


Dan Galpin is a Developer Advocate for Android, where his focus has been on Android performance tuning, developer training, and games. He has spent over 10 years working in the mobile space, developing at almost every layer of the phone stack. There are videos that demonstrate that he has performed in musical theater productions, but he would deny it.

Katherine Kuan
Katherine Kuan


Katherine Kuan is a Developer Advocate at Google. Before that, she was a software engineer on the Android Apps team for Google Keep, Google Play, and the People app (formerly Contacts). She is enthusiastic about helping others build apps to improve their communities.

Reto Meier
Reto Meier


Reto Meier has been part of the Android Developer Relations at Google since 2009, and leads Google’s Scalable Developer Advocacy team. He’s passionate about helping developers build the best possible apps on Android, and is the author of the Professional Android Application Development series of Android books from Wrox.

Skills Covered
  • User Interfaces
  • Databases
  • Android Networking Libraries
  • Crash Analysis
  • Multilingual Support
  • Android Libraries
  • Gradle
  • APIs
  • Design for Google Watch
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What You Will Learn

Android Developer - I

In this Nanodegree term, you’ll learn how to build a cloud-connected Android app, responsiveness, how to create amazing user experiences with rich media and publish it on Google Play

See details

3 months to complete

Android Developer - II

In this Nanodegree, you’ll learn advanced concepts of Android development like app testing, integration of libraries etc. You will also learn material designing for your android application.

See details

3 months to complete

Start Learning
Android Developer - I

Start Learning

7 days refund; no questions asked
Total Seats: 150
Time to Complete: 3 months
Prerequisite: Beginner level experience in Java and Object-oriented language

Admissions Closes: 01 May

Android Developer - II

Start Learning

7 days refund; no questions asked
Total Seats: 100
Time to Complete: 3 months
Prerequisite: Beginner level experience in networking and databases for Android

Admissions Closes: 01 May

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Internet Banking
Internet Banking

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    About the course
  • Why do I enroll into Android Developer Nanodegree?
    We built this Nanodegree program in partnership with Google specifically to support aspiring Android Developers. The curriculum is designed to transform those with intermediate skills and a working knowledge of Java development best practices into specialists with the Android platform. Successful completion of the program means a diverse portfolio of projects to show employers, an established credential to affirm your achievements, and develop your own app on the Google Play Store. If your goal is employment as an Android Developer, this program is exactly what you need to succeed.
  • What are the prerequisites required for this Nanodegree?
    Android Developer 1: This will be a challenging and rewarding journey that will take a novice programmer nine months or longer to complete, spending an estimated 10 hours per week on the coursework. Do you have the dedication and mindset to sustain you through it? If you're not sure, please check out the courses and projects, listed under Nanodegree Structure, before making this commitment.Programming Experience This is not a "Zero to Hero" program. Entering students are expected to have prior experience building applications (web or mobile) in Java or another object-oriented programming language. You should have at least 1-2 years of experience in Java or another object-oriented programming language prior to enrolling. If you have no prior programming experience, we recommend you take our Android Development for Beginners course, also built with Google. You should also learn foundational Java programming concepts before enrolling in this Nanodegree. Our Intro to Java course may be a good place to start. Technical Skills and Requirements. You will submit your projects on GitHub, and must have a GitHub handle and know how to share code before enrolling. Take our course on How to Use Git and GitHub if you need to learn how to do this. You will build your apps in Android Studio, and will need to install it on your machine to complete your Nanodegree projects. If you don't have Android Studio installed, see our mini-course on How to Install Android Studio for instructions. Dedication and Mindset In addition to 1-2 years of prior programming experience and intermediate technical skills, students are expected to demonstrate the following characteristics:
    Resourcefulness: Ability to search for and find solutions in documentation, backed by the belief that all problems in code are discoverable;
    Grit: Ability to work through challenges and persevere when code breaks and tests fail.
    Growth Mindset: Belief that intelligence is NOT a fixed entity, and can be boosted by hard work in the process of learning and practice.
    Android Developer 2: You should have 1-2 years of experience programming in Java or another object-oriented language like Python or C++, and must be proficient using Git and GitHub. See detailed requirements. Preferred: Graduate of Android Developer 1 Nanodegree.
  • In how much time do I have to complete this Nanodegree?
    The Android Developer Nanodegree consists of two parts - Android Developer 1 and Android Developer 2. Both these parts are of 3 months each, which need to be completed in the given time period. Your 3 months will start from the date you get access to your classroom.
  • Do you offer the opportunity for students to pause their studies for this program?
    No. The fixed-term nature of this program, and the need for maintaining a consistent and stable student body throughout, doesn't allow for offering the option to pause your studies.
  • Is this program self-paced?
    No. The start and end dates of this Nanodegree are fixed, and you must complete all assigned projects by the end dates. However, projects may be submitted at any time during the Nanodegree, and individual project deadlines are recommendations, not requirements. So within 3 months, there is some opportunity to work at your own pace. You should plan to follow our recommended timeline, as this will best enable you to keep pace with your peers, and complete the program on time.
  • What are my options if I don't complete this Nanodegree by the deadline?
    Successful completion of this Nanodegree requires that you submit all projects by the last day of the Nanodegree, and that you successfully pass all projects, as determined by a Udacity Reviewer. (Note: the review may take place after the last day of the Nanodegree, but you must make your final submission no later than the last day of the Nanodegree). Passing a project means a Udacity Reviewer has marked a project as "Meets Specifications."
  • What kind of weekly time commitment should I expect?
    On average, we find students spending 10-12 hours per week throughout the entire Nanodegree, to complete this program on time. This is an average so that some students may require more than the allotted time frame, or less.
  • Are deferments an option if I'm enrolled, but not ready to start yet?
    No, deferments are not an option. We ask that you please make sure to only enroll for this Nanodegree if you are able to commit to the entire time frame.
  • What happens to my access to the content if I am unable to graduate within the term duration?
    Access to the content is locked if the student is unable to complete all their projects and graduate within the given term duration. This motivates the students to stay on track and finish the Nanodegree on time.
  • Do I lose access to this Nanodegree once I graduate?
    No, you will not lose access to the content of this Nanodegree once you graduate. Your access will be there for the lifetime.
  • Does this Nanodegree provide Mentorship?
    Yes, you will be provided mentors to guide you throughout the Nanodegree.
  • Does this Nanodegree offer any trial period?
    No, this Nanodegree does not contain any free day trial period. We do have seven days no questions asked refund policy. You can pay for your Nanodegree and ask for a refund within seven days from the date you get access to your classroom.
  • Do you provide Scholarship for this Nanodegree?
    Yes, there are google scholarships running on this Nanodegree. To apply, please check here.
    Career Services
  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?
    You do not become job ready on completion of Android Developer I Nanodegree. You are required to complete Android Developer 2 Nanodegree to become Industry and Job Ready.
  • What career services we provide?
    Udacity India provides hiring opportunities to all its Nanodegree Graduates. We have a job group dedicated to our Nanodegree Graduates where we post all the open positions from our hiring partners. We get our Nanodegree Graduates in touch with our hiring partners where the company reviews the profile of the students and takes the process further by providing them interviews.
    Please note that Udacity India does not guarantee a job.
    Student Support
  • What is the kind of student support I will get during this program?
    Students were having queries regarding course material or the projects can be solved by various support services provided by Udacity such as:
    Project Reviews: The Project reviews provide deep analysis of a student's code and project. Reviewers are trained professionals that provide feedback on coding styles, industry guidelines, optimization of the code and reference links for improving the project.
    Mentorship: Mentors are appointed to students that have one on one chats with them. They keep track of the progress in the course, Help them in time management and keep them motivated throughout the course.
  • How can I get in touch with Udacity for any support?
    Please write to for faster response
    Payments & Refunds
  • Do we get 50% refund for this Nanodegree?
    No, We do not offer 50% refund on completing of this Nanodegree.
  • Does this Nanodegree follow seven days No Questions Asked refund policy?
    Yes, this Nanodegree follows seven days no questions asked refund policy.
  • If the refund is provided for this Nanodegree, How much time does the refund process take?
    The refund process takes up to 2-3 weeks of time. The amount will be refunded back to the original model of payment. If you would like to get the refund in a different bank account, please mention the same to while requesting for a refund.
  • How do I get my invoice?
    Please write to, It can take maximum upto 7 days for us to issue your invoice.
  • What if I do not receive my refund in 15-20 days?
    If you do not receive your refund within 15-20 days, please reach out to

Android Developer

Become a professional Android Developer

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